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Anti Bullying:   Bullying of any kind is unacceptable within Gravesham Primary Schools Football Association.If it does occur, all squad members or Parents can voice concerns and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly.

*Bullying is the use of aggression---either physical or emotional---with the intention of hurting another person.It results in pain and distress to the victim(s) Everyone has the right to respect, and The Association recognises its responsibility to respond promptly to any bullying issues.

*A child may indicate by signs or behaviour that bullying is taking place.Possible signs are:
                    a).Says that he/she are being bullied.
                    b).Is unwilling to attend training/matches or other activities.
                    c).Becomes withdrawn,anxious or lacking in confidence.
                    d).Feels ill before team activities or has posessions go missing.
                    e).Comes home with damaged clothes/equipment.
                    f). Asks for money/ steals money or is frightened to say what is wrong.
                    g).Has unexplained cuts/bruises.

*Any incident of bullying should be reported to the team manager(s) or Child Welfare Officer.  CWO


   *Reconcilliation by getting both parties together.It may be that a genuine apology solves the problem.
   *Members of The GPSFA committee will meet with the Parent and child to ascertain details.Minutes will be taken to ensure a true record of events.
   *The same committee will meet the Parent(s) and the alleged bully, and again minutes shall be taken.
   *If bullying has been proved,the following procedures may be implemented.

          *Consideration will be given as to whether a reconciliation meeting between both parties is appropriate.
          *The individual shall be warned and put on notice that if further incident(s) occur, then a temporary or permanent suspension will be implemented.
          *If the incident is considered serious enough, then the individual will be asked to leave the squad with immediate effect.The Head Teacher of the player's school will be informed.
          *If necessary, the police will be informed.
          *All persons involved shal be made aware of the outcome of any disciplinary process.

Other sources of information.
                                               *KIDSCAPE..( A voluntary organisation committed to prevent child bullying.)

                                               *The FA's website...www.the Child protection section provides further information.

Current news/events...
Current news/events...



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